Unlike all other funds, SMSFs propose several of benefits that makes a difference:

Control over investment- creates an investment strategy in-order to control where and how to invest the SMSF.

Extra choice for investment- select from a broader variety of investments including listed and unpublicised shares, housing and commercial property, and collectibles.

Fund Consolidation- The option of consolidation of the fund with at most three people is allowed by the government. It facilitates the further investment in high value assets in order of consolidating fund with fewer members. It helps attain better estate planning flexibility hence causes reduction in fund expenses.

Loan to support bigger investments-The cash in the fund can be utilized to make a greater investment in assets (shares and property) and in case of more money support acquire a loan.

Tax funds- SMSF provides better control over the tax events timings for instance beginning an annuity without activating capital gains tax. As well as enables shifting owned assets to SMSF.

Better estate development and planning flexibility- You can nominate who you would like to receive your super when you pass away without having to meet some of the constraints that apply to other super arrangements.